local, sustainable, quality chopping and cheese boards

Timber Carvery Boards

Every man needs a Life’s A Banquet carvery board in his BBQ area – with a cut out rail for all the roast meat juices to drip to and a stainless steel tray with lid to keep the sliced up meat warm and moist for his guests.

Cheese Boards and Platters

A Life’s A Banquet wooden cheese board or platter will bring to  life to your table for easy and relaxing entertaining – with friends, or on your own!  Huge range of sizes and styles with unique features

Wooden Chopping Boards

Life’s A Banquet Camphor Laurel wooden chopping boards are perfect for your cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing needs. The beautifully sanded boards are kind on your precious knives and look terrific either sitting on the bench or hanging up on a hook.

Wooden Board Care and Maintenance

Life’s A Banquet’s camphor laurel boards are easy to care for but we know you want to care for your wooden chopping boards and platters, so we’ve put together some easy tips to make sure you keep your board in the best shape it can be.

"Local, quality, handmade camphor laurel chopping boards"