local, sustainable, quality chopping and cheese boards

Cheese Boards and Platters

A Life’s A Banquet wooden cheese board or platter will bring to  life to your table for easy and relaxing entertaining – with friends, or on your own!  Huge range of sizes and styles with unique features

Our cheese platters and boards make it easy to throw together your favourite nibbles and will make any cheese stand out and look delicious on the beautiful camphor laurel timber background!
Small Wooden Cheese Board
options include: —- divets for olives or sun-dried tomatoes   —    glazed pottery bowls for pickled onions, bell peppers, dips or condiments  —    a magnet to hold onto the stainless steel cheese knife


Either go to the Shop Online page to choose a board ready for delivery or scroll through the images to select a size and style you would like us to recreate, and using the pictures reference number, fill in the order form in the side bar. Don’t forget to let us know if you want your board personalised with names or dates for that special gift.