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FAQ’s about owning a wooden chopping board

We often get asked many questions about buying and using wooden boards.  For looking after them see our Care and Maintenance guidelines. 

What is Camphor Laurel Timber?

•    Camphor Laurel trees have been declared a noxious weed in Australia and many states have formed task forces to undertake the removal of Camphor Laurel trees and the replacement with Australian native species.

•    The salvage of Camphor Laurel timber from these restored sites enables us to be both environmentally friendly and use ethically accepted timber for our chopping boards and platters.

•    Camphor Laurel is a beautifully coloured timber, which ranges from golds to deep reds, and allows us to create individual one off pieces that everyone will enjoy owning.

•    Camphor Laurel has a unique cross grain that acts to protect your knives from being blunted and damaged (due to the knife not getting caught within the timber grains)

 Is Camphor Laurel Timber Safe?

•    Yes,  Yes and Yes!!

Studies suggest wooden cutting boards are the safest option in the kitchen.   Camphor Laurel timber has a natural antibacterial oil in it which is similar to the oil found in cloves and black pepper.  This oil acts to destroy bacteria and fungi that find there way into the knife grooves left by cutting and chopping.

Can I cut meat on wooden chopping boards?

Yes, you can, but as general health and safety standards recommend, it is best to have at least three boards in your home (one for raw meats, one for vegies/fruit and one for dairy).

We have cutting boards for any use – carvery platter for meats, chopping boards for vegies and fruits and of course of ever popular cheese platters for all your dairy needs. We even make double sided boards so you can just flip it over and keep on chopping!

How long do your wooden chopping boards last?

YEARS! Check out our care instructions.  We recommend every 3-5 years bringing your board back to Brett for a restoration treatment to bring it back to prime condition.

Did we forget anything?  Still got questions?  Get in contact and ask us anything!